U.S. Taekwondo Center

Our School Goal

Our School Goal is to train each student efficiently. We want our students to develop various skills like control, defense, speed, efficiency, and confidence. We also want to assist each student to find the balance between their mental, physical, and emotional health. we want our students to be prepared for whatever they face in the outside world; Our young members will learn to be confident and strong to ensure a successful future. 

Taekwondo Objectives

Objectives of Taekwondo:
Basic- Provides foundation
Poomse- Improves balance
One Step Sparring- Develops Judgement of Distance
Self-Defense- Learn to defend onself
Alternative Free Sparring- Provides Self Protection
Free Sparring- Applying techniques to improve reflexes
Breaking Technique- Builds self confidence
Philosophy- For all students to improve character, attitude, and manners. 

Free Trial Class

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